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Dear Members,

We are pleased and proud to announce the forthcoming merger of Fast Draw UK Re-enactment Society & Original Lonestar Re-enactment Group. This is scheduled to take place officially on July 14th 2023.


On that date Original Lonestar Re-enactment Group will be merging with Fast Draw UK to become the newest group on the Western scene “Spirit of the Old West Living History & Reenactment Society”. This has been in serious discussion for a long period of time between FDUK & OLS and will see us combining all of our skill sets which include, Re-enactment, Living History, Country Music/Entertainment, and of course Fast Draw. Both groups have a very healthy Membership number in their own current formats, however this will now create what can only be described as a tremendous membership count with a clear target to be even more expansive not only with members but in all facets of the western scene.


We also know that a wealth and plethora of knowledge also comes from not only the Senior Team but also you “Our Members” who we hold in highest regard. The new group will also benefit from our combined events, with some new ones being added as we move forward including BREAN, meaning as well as Fast Draw that is/was held by Fast Draw UK anyway, this has now provided, (what was the OLS Group) the Opportunity to incorporate Living History and Re-enactment at the event, so basically Brean for a week doing what we all love. It is clear to see that this merger will undoubtedly make us the largest Re-enacting Society depicting the ‘American Old West’ in the UK. 


We believe that this will not only benefit the Western Scene, but also enhance it as we move forward on this new and sizable venture. Everyone associated with both groups are all striving for the same thing, and that is to bring the “Old West” to life, by living it, through re-enactment and all that entails. We aim to remember, preserve, and progress our Western Scene, making it fun whilst creating a family orientated all-inclusive group, not only for the long-standingmembers of the western community but also making it available for the forthcoming younger generations.


A lot of hard work has gone into bringing this to fruition and I’m sure the majority of you know we’ve tried to work closely together for a number of years. We feel the time is now right for this partnership to take a bigger step forward in achieving its combined goals.


We welcome all members of both groups into ‘Spirit of the Old West Living History & Reenactment Society’, and some members from both senior teams are taking up new roles within the brand, called the “SoToW Group Council’. There will be a new website, and existing socialmedia groups will be updated to reflect this monumental link. We look forward to your support and helping us drive the group into a new era. The SoToW Council will be published shortly and we very much looked forward to working with all of our members soon. We will be looking for members to take roles on the Working Group if they would like some more involvement, just let us know.


Thank you again for your support. If you have any questions relating to this immeasurable and monumental announcement, we politely ask that you please contact your relevant chairman from both FDUK and OLS respectively.

NOTE! Return back to this page for the new website link which we will publish as soon as the site is ready.


The Fast Draw UK & OLS Team.

Spirit of the Old West Living History & Re-enactment Society.

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