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Check out the most rip-roaring celebration in Tombstone, Arizona during Helldorado Days!

Helldorado is held every third Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October and consists of gunfight re-enactments, street entertainment, fashion shows and other entertainment.

Friends of Original Lonestar are planniung a return trip to Tombstone for  October  2023.

You have to book early to get a hotel room in Tombstone during Helldorado week. It will also be your responsibility to apply for your own travel insurance and ESTA (USA Visa). It helps to keep your ESTA UpToDate!

We have no more details than this at the moment. Being fans of Tombstone this is a great opportunity not only to be there during Helldorado week but also to take part in the parade, Sunday. This is one event not to miss folks!

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